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Unleash the Power of Pay-Per-Click Marketing and Watch Your Business Soar

Welcome to Meta Viral, where PPC marketing evolves to meet the future. As the digital world shifts, we're your steadfast partner in navigating PPC complexities. Our approach isn't just about increasing clicks; it's about driving tangible business growth and adapting to the changing landscape of online advertising.

With our deep expertise and innovative strategies, we don't just manage your PPC campaigns; we transform them into powerful growth engines for your business. Trust Meta Viral to be more than your agency – we're your strategic ally in unleashing the full potential of your digital marketing efforts.

Common Hang-Ups We Solve

Are you struggling to get your PPC campaigns off the ground? Do you feel like your digital advertising budget is going up in smoke without tangible returns? At Meta Viral, we turn these common challenges into success stories.

We eliminate PPC Marketing's Most Common Challenges

Our team are comprised of industry experts — all in-house — and all US-based. We train each member on our proprietary standards of operations that allow for consistent, measurable, increases in account performance. Our closed-loop qualitative conversion monitoring system allows for a real-time snapshot into lead-health and campaign performance. We focus on:


Reporting that shows exactly where your dollars are being spent.


AI integrated quality assurances to reduce human-related errors.


Closed-loop qualitative conversion scoring for an in-depth view of lead health.


Better ad creative for enhanced visibility and increased clicks.

150%+ avg

Call Volume

110%+ avg

Good Leads

234%+ avg


Better Tracking


Faster Return On AdSpend


Dedicated In-House Team


What Makes Us The Best PPC Agency?

We don't focus on getting clients — we focus on keeping clients. That means that you are given our full support, complete transparency, and full ownership of all data.


Complete Access

You will always retain full ownership and access to your accounts.


Active Management

We look at accounts daily. If your account shows any red flags, decreases in performance, or unforeseen errors...we know about it first.



We believe in maintaining an open line of communication with our clients — ensuring everyone is on the same page and eyes are focused on the same targets.


Closed-Loop Tracking

We use a proprietary closed-loop conversion tracking system to feed qualitative data back into Google Ads — thus increasing Google Ads targeting efficiency.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We have embraced the AI Revolution (within reason) to allow increased efficiency and capabilities that were once outside the reach of normal businesses such as yours.


Access To Our Founders

There is nothing we love more than hearing from our clients! We don't use gatekeepers with our clients — our calendars are made available to every client.


Complete Ownership

We don't play middle man between you and your data. The data generated by your advertising campaigns are yours and yours alone — you retain sole ownership.


No Long-Term Contracts

You deserve and receive the freedom to do what’s right for you. We offer flexible startup terms and month-to-month options.


Honest Reporting

Reconcilable and transparent reporting with no vanity metrics. You will receive real time reports and summaries each month.

Get Started In Three Easy Steps

We have a proven process for building, launching, and managing your Google Ads campaigns.



Schedule a time to connect with one of our award-winning Google Ads experts.



Our team of experts will create a custom Action Plan geared toward helping you achieve your goals.



Your completely custom Google Ads campaigns can be live in as little as 7 days.

Who is Meta Viral?

Meta Viral is a dynamic PPC marketing agency focused on crafting innovative, results-driven ad campaigns that transform clicks into meaningful business growth.

At Meta Viral, we don't just manage PPC campaigns; we craft digital experiences that resonate with your audience. We're in the business of creating stories through ads that not only captivate but convert, ensuring that every click is a step towards unparalleled growth for your brand. Our mission is to be the catalyst in your digital success story, a chapter where every investment in advertising translates into measurable, impactful results.


What is PPC marketing?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click marketing involves advertisers paying a fee each time one of their ads is clicked, essentially buying visits to their site.

How quickly can I see results from PPC?

PPC can deliver immediate traffic, but optimizing for conversions might take a bit of time for testing and adjustments.

Is PPC suitable for small businesses?

Yes, PPC is highly effective for businesses of all sizes due to its scalability and targeted approach.

How do you track PPC campaign success?

We use a combination of qualitative and quantitative metrics, combined with real time Return On Ad Spend and Media Efficiency Ratios to measure campaign performance.

What's the minimum budget required for a PPC campaign?

The budget varies based on your goals and industry, but we offer scalable solutions to suit different financial capacities.

Can you manage PPC on platforms other than Google?

Yes, we manage PPC campaigns across various platforms, including social media and specialized industry platforms.

We Work With

Call Tracking Metrics

This integration enables us to meticulously track and evaluate each lead, ensuring they are accurately categorized and fed back into Google. This process not only enhances the precision of our campaign targeting but also continually refines our strategies based on real-world data, driving superior results and maximizing ROI for our clients.

(GA4) Google Analytics 4

Meta Viral harnesses the advanced analytics of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to gain deeper insights into customer behavior and campaign performance. GA4's user-centric data model allows us to track cross-platform interactions, providing a holistic view of the customer journey.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

At Meta Viral, we harness the power of AI, including ChatGPT, not just for its standalone capabilities but also for its ability to integrate seamlessly with other software and programs. This integration amplifies the functionality of our tools, enabling us to extract more nuanced insights and expand the capabilities of our PPC campaigns. Our approach leverages AI's advanced analytics and predictive modeling, ensuring our strategies are both innovative and highly effective in reaching and engaging your target audience.

Looker Studio

We utilize Looker Studio, Google's dynamic business intelligence tool, to bring a new level of data visualization and analysis to our PPC campaigns. Looker Studio allows us to create customizable, interactive reports and dashboards, giving us and our clients clear, actionable insights into campaign performance. This powerful tool helps us make data-driven decisions quickly, adapt to market trends effectively, and ensure that our PPC strategies are not only responsive but also ahead of the curve.

In-House Team

At Meta Viral, our team is a unique blend of diverse talents, including expert media buyers, seasoned PPC specialists, creative in-house designers, innovative videographers, and skilled developers. This multifaceted group works in harmony to create and execute PPC campaigns that are not only strategically sound but also visually striking and technologically advanced, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful approach to your digital advertising needs.

At Meta Viral, we're committed to propelling your business to new heights with our comprehensive PPC strategies. Our team, equipped with cutting-edge tools and creative prowess, stands ready to transform your digital marketing journey. As we continue to innovate and adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape, we invite you to join us in this exciting venture. Let's embark on a path to unparalleled digital success, where your goals are our mission, and your growth is our greatest reward.

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